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Decorative Wall Panel- Calculator

​Your wall project idea is easily achievable with our wall panel calculator. Craftmold's three-easy-steps provides home owners the ability to purchase the right quantity of wall panels the first time around. The best decorative wall ideas start with simplification. If you have any questions about this process or need additional info visit our contact page.

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Long Walls- No Openings
Pass Through Walls
Window Walls

This calculator is intended to provide home owners with a base calculation on panel size and quantity.​

Measure all walls in inches.
Walls with windows need to be measured using the 1-2-3 method:

1. Measure the length of the wall on both sides of the window.

2. Take both lengths and combine as one wall length.

3. Choose single or double window in calculator if you choose to purchase a window panel.

* All standard walls, meaning walls with no windows or width restrictions, will receive 23" X 13" panels.

* All short walls, meaning walls with a total length of less than 16", will receive 23" X 5" panels

* Window walls, meaning walls with window restrictions, will receive either a single or double window panel turned horizontally under the window. Windows can also be left without decorative panels under them. Window panel measurements will be verbally confirmed once panels have been purchased.